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Finding you worth
A broken heart can leave you feeling obsolete and worthless. When your heart is broken, you feel like you just cannot go on. Fortunately for some of us whom have people that depend on us to carry on; we do. We get up and keep moving. Suppressing our thoughts and feelings, we press our way with a smile on our face, no one ever being the wisest, but it’s in the silent moments at the end of the day when we feel them creeping back up on us. All of the anger and pain remind us that we are worthless and no matter how hard we try to shake it, we always seem to attract it to our soul. The pain and suppression become more than we can bare, and we find ourselves complacent to our current situation and way of life.
Yes, a broken heart is difficult to overcome. It can be a broken heart from a friend, a family member, or even a significant other. No matter the source the outcome is the same.
Rest assured that you are not the only one feeling down; we all go through it at some point in life and know that it too shall pass. I know, easier said huh.
What helps me.
Go away. This for me is the hardest thing to do since I have six children, a husband, and a baby on the way,but oftentimes my great escape is simply going to my car with a book or my phone (turned on airplane mode) to read a book I downloaded. I read for a few minutes just to help clear my head of life’s worries then I take a deep breath and close my eyes. I just keep them closed, and if tears need to fall I let them fall as they may.
One thing we must know is pain and struggle do not define us, they make us stronger, yes, but they do not define who we are. Do not allow a broken heart to define you. Use the pain, hurt, and aggravation to empower you instead. Use your struggle as a stepping stone to your prosperity. Search the very pit of your soul and reclaim your faith; faith in yourself.
Learn to trust yourself again. We allow the troubles of life to tear us down until we are no longer present. You must know that you are stronger than your struggles, brighter than your breakdowns, and wiser than your weakness.  Get your joy out of life. You can do it. I believe in you. Do you?
You were not made to be miserable. You were made to be great, so BE great!
Stay encourage, Stay strong. Stay focused.

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