Long Time No See


I hope you all are well and in prosperous spirits. I have been working really hard on my business and encouraging others to follow their dreams.

I oftentimes wonder why so many people continue to live check to check and bury their million dollar dream of a new way of life. I push and push and wonder why the resistance;  but alas, I have to remember that I too was once there. I was there stuck thinking that all of my hard work for a company would pay off. I believe that working overtime and off the clock, going the extra mile, dragging myself from a sick bed with a smile would get me where I was trying to go. I believed that someone would see my drive and my determination, my dedication and commitment and reward me accordingly. All those years I studied to master a trade and position I never really cared for to begin with would lead me to the retirement of my dreams. I believed all that until I went into work early one day, as I often did to make coffee for the office and prepare the bagels I stopped to get, and was told the company was downsizing, and I was no longer needed. I was told that if things changed I would be given a call and that they appreciated all the work that I had done for the company.

I was confused, hurt, and devastated. It was a small company that didn’t qualify me for unemployment at the time. I put in application after application but never found any work. I lived off my savings until I couldn’t anymore.

I thank God for that moment in life, because it was there that I found my strength and courage in myself along with my faith and trust in God. It was there that I realized that I had the same capabilities to start my own companies. I had the same determination and drive as any fortune five hundred company to build my own dreams and stand on my own foundation.

So I sometimes have to realize that I was there where you are now.  I was afraid of failure and that fear held me back from my own prosperity. That fear kept my ambitions bottled up and suppressed. That fear kept me in the mind off “I can’t do that” or “that could never be me”. I mentally talked myself out of the greatness that God has instilled in me.

We are not made to struggle. I tell my children that struggle is a mindset NOT a destination. You CAN and you WILL. There is no failure in you, just the illusions and fear that YOU have placed in your world. Do YOU see the greatness in you?  I do.

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