I’m Confused


I never understood why so many people continue to live check to check and bury their million dollar dream.
It’s like we convince ourselves that we are not worth the work, but believe an employer is. We go to work when we are sick, our children are sick, even if we feel like we are on our death bed. We cling to the job with the hopes of advancement, oftentimes believing if we start at the bottom of a company we will surely rise to the top.
Im going to go and work as a janitor in the hotel Trump Towers.
I will work all of my scheduled hours and any overtime that is offered. I will not miss a day. They will see that I am a diligent worker, and after a couple years, if a position for janitorial manager comes open I will be sure to get it. I will continue to put my job first over the things that I like to do, and after about 15 to 20 years, I could possibly be the general manager if all goes as planned.
Really? Twenty years and you are betting on a possibility.  Does this sound logical to you now that you see it on paper?
This is what we have reduced ourselves to. In the 1940’s 90% of people owned there own business or worked for themselves. Now it’s less than 12%. We have lost the faith in ourselves that we CAN. We have become so complacent to having just enough that we no longer believe that we can live a life of abundance. We have trained our minds to believe that we are meant to struggle. Slavery is still alive today as long as you allow yourself to believe you are not worth the sacrifice for yourself.
What makes your job so much more important than you?  Some would argue stability. But what’s more stable than you?
In a blackout there is no work at your job. In a blackout you will make a way to keep going, and even if not I am sure you would use that time to strategize what to do in the case of another blackout.
In the event that the company decides to downsize your position may be in jeopardy.  If your company ever had to downsize the LAST person you would let go of is yourself.
Do you see where I am going with this? You are your own stability.
Have faith in you.

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