Q & A with LaShae – Who’s That Girl?

LaShae Moreland is a bright and talented woman from NYC, with a talent that is going to take the fashion world by storm.
Read her answers to our stylist life questions to see why she will be the next hot stylist.

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1.  Why did you choose to become a fashion/wardrobe stylist?
My desire for fashion design  and style wasn’t taught to me , it was created within me  and birthed.  As far back as I can remember, as a child I was making clothing for my dolls and gathering present doll clothing I had , and dressing them in multiple outfits throughout the day. I really became obsessed once I reached junior high school. There was no uniformed attire enforced, so from that day on clothing and styling became my passion.

2.  Did you attend a fashion institute?
I didn’t attend college / institution for fashion design nor styling. I attended a high school that specialized in my craft. I attended the high-school of Art & Design , located in NYC. I had taken fashion design, architecture and commercial art classes.

3. Do you work with a team or solo?
I am a freelance wardrobe stylist. I do work solo, but on occasions I am joined with a good friend of mine & in fashion , Johnequa Furby.

4. How did you get your first big break and how did you achieve it?
In the beginning I was a personal stylist for different family members and friends. One day I reached out to a friend of mine, Tyson Perez, ( a well known stylist himself ) who had just started an online editorial – UnVogue Magazine. He took a chance with me,  and that opened up quite a few doors for me.

5.  Who are your favorite designers?
That’s a hard question to answer. I have a great passion for clothing and wardrobe styling so to ask who’s my favorite is like asking a mom to choose her favorite child. I’m not saying that I love all clothing pieces I see, or every trend that comes in , but I can respect and appreciate the creativity.

High Fashion

6.  What stylist would you love to work with and why?
I would love to work with Ty Hunter , Ugo Mozie , Marni Senofonte, Rachel Johnson , Olori Swank, and Eric Chobald. I admire their styling techniques respect them and their gift. Creativity is key when I admire one’s style as a stylist.

7.  What celebrity or celebrities would you like to work with and why?
I would want to work with any celebrity or celebrities that respect me as a person, respect my craft and passion , and  whom values my time. This is key because respect & acceptance means a great deal to me.

8.  What magazines have you worked with or would like to work with, if any?
Unsound – UnVogue Magazine , Vocab , Adon … There are some publications I can’t remember . I would love to work with all publications that have an interest in working with me.

9.  Who has been your biggest influence in the fashion industry?
The many wardrobe stylist that have styled all this that we see pertaining to clothing and style, whether it’s in magazines , videos , movies , red-carpets , concerts , television shows…

10. What kind of styling do you specialize in?
I have no specifics in styling. I also have no specific body types that I only work with. Some looks I have yet to shoot an editorial for, but will, and those are gothic , early 1900’s, red carpet looks.

Creative Thinking

11. How would you explain your own personal style?
I’m not going to use any specific style words as most stylist do. I’m just going to say – I describe my own personal style as Lashae Moreland , Me – Genuine

12. What are the ups and downs of being a stylist?
The creativity is always the up. There are downs as within any job or career one may have. One downer for me are thee sunrise early shoots / call times , but it comes with the job.

13. As a stylist, do you find it difficult to get your brand out to potential clients?
Yes, because there are so many wardrobe stylist in the world, within the entertainment and fashion industry. It’s like one sorting through a whole field of flowers of one color, to find a rare one. The rare flower is out there but it just takes time and patience to find.

14. Where are you located and how can the public access you for your services?
My website is currently improving & under construction. I’m located on social networks
FaceBook : Lashae Moreland
Instagram : Style_MoreNYC
E:mail : Atribecalledstyle@yahoo.com
I am also an Arts &ampCraft Curriculum Coordinator. Specializing in D.I.Y crafts & creative art projects & party decor for children & adults.
Instagram : MoreCraftsDecor
E:mail : Morecraftsdecor@yahoo.com

15. What advice would you tell aspiring stylists?
Positivity in attitude is key. •Respect yourself & others at all times.
•Experience Experience Experience is always necessary
•Keep your eyes on everything involving fashion
•Believe in yourself
•Network Network Network

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Stephanie Fairfax is a fashion stylist, personal shopper, and fashion writer from the NJ/NY area she specializes in men's styling but also has women clients. She is a graduate of the Misa Hylton fashion academy in New York. She has worked with celebrities such as R&B group Intro ( styled "I didn't sleep with her video and live performance) Ed Lover, Mr. Cheeks, Black Rob, Gregg Wayans and Summer Wayans. She has contributed to jmariemagazine.com and fashionnymag.com.