Princess Jackson Socks Out Poverty for Christmas

Claire McAdams Photography

Princess Jackson is a ten year old actress and the founder of the “Sock Out Poverty” campaign in Houston, TX. While having a conversation with her dad, a Houston police officer, Jackson learned that many of the homeless people in their community did not have socks.

“While my dad was working on the homeless outreach with HPD he saw they didn’t have socks. He told me he was going to buy them some and I told him “Dad we can get people to donate socks and give them to the homeless for Christmas,” Jackson explained.

Princess’s parents went to Wal-Mart with the idea, and they were eager to come aboard with the idea. Soon after Little Lords and Little Ladies came on board as a clothing sponser as well.

However, Jackson admits she was a little worried at first. “I wasn’t sure if others would help me out at first. I asked my mom, “What if no one gives?” and she answered, “They will.” So I was excited when I seen so many people help me with the Sock Out Poverty Campaign even businesses are giving donations!” she says.

Today Jackson, her family, and her friends are delivering the donated socks to the homesless. Jackson says any leftover socks will be given to a nonprofit to distribute.

Jackson recently auditioned for a Ford commercial. We send her peace and blessings with that.

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