TODAY: Thrift

TODAY: I am thankful and grateful for the understanding and the influence of such a powerful insight to being THRIFT!

Having a THRIFT attitude from a very early stage in your life puts you in good stead with the power and value of the penny!

Unlike me I found out very late, but having a degree of knowledge and ready to work at a contingency plan that is going to always keep me ahead with my finances, helps!

It was a slow and painful lesson (still is) but gives you peace of mind from the pieces that fell apart throughout this lesson; valuable lesson.

Debt being one of them, and I ain’t ashamed to hold up my hand either!

As it was out of that the need arose to being financially disciplined and FREE from the bounds that felt like a noose around ones neck. Tightening every time I wrote a check that I knew I just could not cash!!

Before you spend ask SELF is this a necessity and for what and whom will it serve? This is a disciplined spending habit that once challenged and conquered the fringe benefits and perks mean your sleeps at night are that of ‘Fretting Not!!!’

The postman can deliver letters all day and night as they won’t be dropping ‘NO FINAL WARNING’ letter on your doormat!!!

The phone can ring and I will answer it ‘Free from caller ID’. For if I want to talk I will, as no undesirables will be calling on a 0800/0845 or toll free……unless they are offering me something!!

It hurts to date but its an experience that I have lived and survived, and I want to guide all whom this has hit a nerve……..a nerve of this kind let it be for the last time.

I remind mySELF that in the run up to anything that I want to become of ME, especially as a parent and a business person.

If I did not and do not maintain having a THRIFT approach to my life, than what values am I instilling in my children; so they to can pass onto theirs and it have a ripple affect that will maintain ‘A Safety Tool’ to always live by.

Trusting How Resourceful Inexpensive Funding Teaches…….that’s a wise approach for a comfortable lifestyle with money at hand……always, THRIFT 1st.


Diana x

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