Lost in Luv: Look in the Mirror


So the chips fell to the wayside. The affection stopped and the games progressed. Time spent together grew further and further apart.  The communication froze and was replaced by silence, and the things you all used to do as a team were somehow lost. If this sounds like a repeated process in your relationships that only means one or two things, your selection process is flawed or YOU have to correct some things. Hmmm… There are enough good men and women out here to find that one. Stop sharing so much of your misery through slanderous comments and quotes. LOOK IN THE MIRROR! You cannot duck or hide from your own REFLECTION. MESSAGE- Life and love are both real. If you want a play toy, say so, but do not fill a man or woman’s head with pillow talk and when you know the person is really into you. I was told after a few months just let it go.



Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks
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