TODAY: I give thanks and gratitude for my natural talent for acting in the industry called Life!

Oh yes I have played so many roles on and off screen that I lost my own ‘identity’ at times! “What was that, you know that feeling too”?

Well join in line with the “WholeWideWorld Productions”!

Guaranteed “Oscar Nominee”.

You know I have spoken about Mirrors and what their job is..right! (If not you soon will)

Well all those ‘gray hairs’ that have come through, “Yes, you know what I’m talking about” well my dears they are your OSCARS!!!!’

Because this world is a stage and we are all actors upon it.

Everyday we are faced with “The Audition” with all the different people and levels of communication we partake in.

Upon reflection we all have been in a  ‘performance’ of some kind, a performance with an outcome in mind!

Ring true doesn’t it!

Then at times we tend to “re-rehearse” the “if only, I said, did it this way, I woulda, shoulda and coulda”-that’s YOU blowing the audition!

I am reminded that for all the roles I have played, some were infamous; others famous.

I played the lead and starring role and even played “stunt person” if it meant saving my character, which happened so many ‘unexpected times’.

So as the curtains close and the lights go out and I lay my sleepy head down.

I smile at the days performance and how well my “leading role” no matter what made me the STAR in my story.

Remember that you have no script to read, so YOU must give it your best shot as it’s your ONLY shot…OK!

Lights, Camera and Action.

Let the performance begin!

What starring role awaits YOU today?



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Diana Gray Lewis












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