Lost in Luv: Just STOP! Don’t Take It Too Far

by: Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks

Ladies if you just meet a man stop putting so much into them talking about how much you miss the hubby, how you are so happy, and bragging about how you and him going to do this and that! One, two, three, or even four months does not make him your man yet! Trust me! You are setting yourself up for the kill!

I love the fact that somebody wants to be loved, but some of y’all take it too far! If somebody is going to love you, let them show you. You don’t have to tell the world how happy you are with that person. I see this on Facebook 24/7 and then you come back six or seven months from now writing statuses about how hurt you are! Love doesn’t have to speak out. It shows that you are wanting attention and looking for love.

Every status is “I miss the Hubby.” “The hubby is doing this.” “We getting ready to do that.” “He bought this.” “He luv me!” Some of y’all gone find yourself saying this, “I don’t understand why he do this. What did I do wrong? You will never find another like me. F*** you then N****! You can have her!” And my favorite that is on Facebook all the time, “YOUR STUFF WASN’T GOOD ANYWAY!” LOL, STOP!!!!

Antonio “Mr. Passion” Starks
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