Remember, You Are the Prize

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The older I get the more I realize the importance of keeping a relationship interesting. I mean think about it, there’s simply too many other things and people to distract us or our mate if we do not. We can say, “I been doing… for years.. but if they choose to go elsewhere…. “  Really at this point, the chances of them going elsewhere are very plausible. You may never know, but remember that time when your relationship went through a slightly awkward stage? Then maybe it got better. Maybe your spouse found some other interest and then lost interest in that too. Now I am not saying this is always the case, there are numerous of other reasons why relationships can have hiccups, but losing interest is certainly one of them.

  1. Change your style up. – Yes they said this probably before our parents were born and way before Instagram, but if you wore the same outfit every day, after a while, would people bother to look at what you are wearing? Your hair is the same way. Try something different, get color, get a weave, get a cut; find what shows your fun side.
  2. Take the lead: If you are more passive, occasionally, surprise your spouse by taking a more dominant role. Send naughty texts when you too are apart or (if you have my kind of sense of humor) when in close proximity to watch their reaction.
  3. Take an interest in their new interests. We take interest in the beginning, but as time goes on, people grow and change. Take an actual interest in their growth and new interests.

My friend is always telling me about her much older, feisty coworker, let’s call her Aunt Viv. My friend describes her as a bad redbone, which we both laugh about but I do believe. One day while sharing a story about her coworker, she told me that (Aunt Viv) the older lady had told her how she would have to remind her much younger husband who the prize is. She said once a month, she would often ask him “Who is the prize?” and he must reply, “You are.” She would agree and they would carry on. Sounds silly, but sometimes you have to remind yourself and others, who you really are. You are the prize. Make them remember you chose them.


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How Can I Be Depressed?


Don’t fret. Depression is very common. Many will experience some type of depression in their life time. Depression is a serious mental disorder that shouldn’t be ignored. A major depressive disorder is defined as a persistent low mood that is accompanied by low self-esteem and by a loss of interest or pleasure in normally enjoyable activities. The disorder is a disabling condition that adversely affects a person’s family, work, or school life, sleeping and eating habits, and general health. In the United States, around 3.4% of people with major depression commit suicide, and up to 60% of people who commit suicide had depression or another mood disorder. Due to the severity of depression one should always be informed of the symptoms and treatment plans. 

Educate yourself on depression and keep a close watch on friends and/or family who you think may be suffering from this disorder.
Symptoms may include:

  • irritability (short fuse)
  • pessimism about the future
  • sadness
  • home very dark and gloomy (no light)
  • difficulty with concentration
  • fatigue or lack of energy
  • feelings of hopelessness and/or helplessness
  • feelings of worthlessness, guilt, or self-hate
  • social isolation
  • loss of interest in once pleasurable activities
  • sleep problems (insomnia or excessive sleeping)
  • dramatic changes in appetite along with corresponding weight loss or gain
  • suicidal ideation or behavior
If you notice these symptoms in yourself or someone else and the moods are consistent all day everyday for two weeks or more than one should seek professional help. Modern medicine and therapy have been known to ease symptoms and assist many with depression.
Unfortunately, everyone will not seek help. Many are ashamed, embarrassed, financially impaired, or too depressed to seek help. Alternative therapies can help individuals cope with depression, get a handle on symptoms, or beat the disease altogether.
Some ways to manage depression:
1.  Exercise (physical activity with a partner or group).
2.  Educate self (self-help books, blogs, websites on depression medication, and coping skills).
3.  Seek out Therapeutic Counseling
4.  Avoid Recreational Drugs & Alcohol (these activities intensify depression).
5.  Adequate Sleep
6.  Journal (write down your thoughts daily).
7.  Meditation (yoga, massage, prayer, focus).
If you suffer from depression you are not alone. Seek help, stay informed, and advocate for others. When our community is involved the better the outcome; stereotypes will be erased and people can get adequate care without fear of stigma. Let’s put an end to mental health embarrassment and empower one another. Share this blog with someone you love today.
~Karlyn LeBlanc, LMSW

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Quick & Easy Meal Tips!

  It is no secret that I love to cook. It is relaxing and the smells are intoxicating. As with most busy moms, the time gets tight around dinner time. Here is my tip: If I prepare lunch that day, I chop extra veggies and cook extra rice for dinner. In the event that you are not home to cook lunch, you could do this the night before at dinner. Sometimes we have nights that are less busy then others; those are the nights that you can do some chopping. You could also do the chopping and starchy carbs on Sundays. This way the food is fresh when you eat it, but the prep work is already complete. You can also change the side items and get creative! Here is my version from yesterday. There are a few items not pictured so here is the list: I used kale, carrots, broccoli, peppers, green beans, lentils onions and garlic. I made my sprouted grain rice/quinoa blend at lunch time and had it with dinner as well. 


Coconut pineapple sprouted rice/quinoa blend. I put the rice blend, coconut milk and finely chopped pineapple in the rice cooker. You can chop or add the pineapple to the food processor. 

 For lunch: I combined the broccoli, green beans, peppers, onions and garlic for a sautéed veggie mix. I combined the kale, carrots, lentils and onions 

 For dinner: I used the left over kale, peppers, onions and garlic, sautéed those and added some plantains! Each meal took less then 20 minutes. The rice cooker may take 25 minutes. 


Hope you love it and see you all next time!! 

Physical Vitality

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Colour U: The Art of Colour Event Recap


Multimedia personality, Ebony Steele, hosted the Colour U Cosmetics’s “The Art of Colour U”   event this past weekend at Blue Mark Studio in Atlanta. The event was set up like an art gallery and displayed nine of the the Color U Cosmetic lines best MUA’s, who were encouraged to use their creativity to showcase the brand.

Studio Eleven Fifteen owner, Kimberly Vann, described it as the following, “It was a really sexy, cool vibe. They had a makeup bar where you could purchase and inquire about their products. Photos of transformations and makeup artistry were on the walls all around the facility. There was a DJ in the back by the bar and servers offering a variety of horse d’oeuvres. Downstairs showcased a Keurig coffee station (I didn’t go but my friend did) and Atlanta’s socialites and media came out to mix and mingle.”

View the photos below.



Photos submitted by Kimberly Vann of Studio Eleven Fifteen.

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Warm Weather Watching: Game of Thrones

GOT (275x183)

The “Iron Throne” in King’s Landing

This is a weird time for me in regards to television.  This is the time fall programming wraps and the NFL season has not begun.  For a while anyway, there will be no “How to Get Away with Murder”, and no “Empire”, both strong for their first season.  But my true obsession is the BBC classic “Doctor Who”, which doesn’t return until the fall.   “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” has a sketchy future, and is not a particular obsession.   And, the NFL Preseason does not start until September (I love pro-football).  So, being the homebody that I am, what will I do for the spring/summer months?  Then I remember a beacon of hope that returns next month (April 12 to be exact).  This is the epic HBO series “Game of Thrones”.  “Game of Thrones” is about to start its fifth season, and I can say that I, like many others, have been anticipating its return.

Now, before you start your “Angela’s a nerd” rant, understand that, in regards to television, genre is a non-factor in my selecting a scripted series.  What matters to me is the writing.  A well written television show is like a well written song or novel; it draws you in and refuses to let you go. That’s why “Law and Order” ran on for 20 years, and “Doctor Who” has been on for over 50 years. “Game of Thrones” has some of the best writing I have ever experienced.  Allow me to give you a brief synopsis of the series.

The show is based on the popular novels of the same title by George R.R. Martin.  Very basically, there is a battle for the highest throne in their known world, a world called Westeros, with the main throne residing in King’s Landing.  Different families claim ownership over the throne (the Lannisters, the Starks, the Targaryens, and the Baratheons).  So basically, whoever sits on the King’s Landing throne runs the world.  The current ruling family is the Lannisters, who did all sorts of treacherous things to hold that position, especially the ambitious Cersei Lannister, the mother to the current king.  I will not spoil the series for you, but I will say there are murders, betrayals, incest, sexual deviance, political scandals, and other things that you could only call “a mess”.  Each episode leaves you dreading the week of not knowing what is about to happen next.  The main thing that attracts me is that the show, like the novels, is not afraid to kill off a main character.  Even with this occurring on multiple occasions, other characters continue to keep you intrigued.  This show makes you kind of okay with paying extra for HBO.

So, shake off you preconceived notions of a fantasy genre T.V. shows.  Take a weekend and catch up on “Game of Thrones”.  In no time you will be entranced by the people of Westeros, and wondering what happens when winter truly comes.

 I’m on Twitter: @angiemango & Instagram: peeledamango

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