Nominate a DV Survivor for the Purple Boot Society


give domestic violence the boot

Nominate a domestic violence survivor for the Purple Boot Society, and they could win a day of pampering and motivation. It will include hair, make up styling, a professional photoshoot, dinner, and motivational and health and wellness tips from some of Atlanta’s best. Send the nominee’s name, numbers, and email to The drawing to choose winners will be 10/19/2014.

This event is presented by Mark Squared and Princess Styles visionary Image Consultant. Volunteers in the beauty industry are needed as well business owners and brand representatives can also donate their products or services for the cause. Please use the email above.

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Let’s Connect: Corporate Divas



Corporate Divas was founded in 2014 by Callie Hall. Hall wanted to create a platform for fellow businesswomen to use as a way to expand and grow their own entrepreneurship and image. Corporate Divas three main goals are to Connect, Inspire, and Inform by creating an environment where women can thrive and exude female empowerment. Corporate Divas is rapidly growing an expanding their own brand and have partnered up with other social media brands and are preparing to unveil their next big project. To keep up with the Corporate Divas check out their website and their social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Facebook.



1. What inspired you to start your business?

” I was tired of being bombarded with degrading images of females, and businesses that were based solely on aesthetics    or flesh. I wanted to start a platform for real businesses to gain exposure. ”

2. What products or services do you provide?

” Corporate Divas is a brand and product advocate which promotes female entrepreneurs that run businesses with style and class. ”

3. What makes your brand different?

” I focus on females putting out positive products and services, and not degrading themselves in the process. This can be done with class. ”

4. What future plans do you have for your brand?

” I plan to grow my platform across different social media platforms to expand my community to global active followers and begin offering my products and services to support the need of female entrepreneurs. “

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Too Fabulous For Cancer : Niya Matthews

Awareness            Breast Cancer Fighter


A woman of strength, power, and determination; Niya Matthews, at the tender age of 27, was diagnosed with stage 2-breast cancer. Not having previous history of breast cancer in her family or those around her, a routine self -examination turned out to be a life changer.

 Though she beat it that time, in 2013, the cancer returned. This time around Matthews was prepared more than ever to fight her illness, and to remain “Too Fabulous For Cancer”. She was determined to continue moving forward. She maintained her daily entrepreneur duties, as CEO of Capital Renters Consulting, LLC, a company that helps aid landlords, property managers, and investors on how to provide efficient housing for low-income families.  Long before being diagnosed with breast cancer, Matthews already had the experience with working with low-income families. She mentored young ladies become women of power, through empowerment programs, and housing authority seminars, along with being a leader at her church.  She also assists with community outreach programs, alongside her husband Eric Matthews; former NFL player for Green Bay Packers.

Always having that passion for helping and empowering women, Matthews came up with the organization BossLady United, an organization that is to “encourage women to become stronger women from lessons learned from women throughout history”. The organization is not only a brand but also a MOVEMENT, which offers women education on entrepreneurship, empowerment and support, health and fitness, along with mentoring.

This Thursday BossLady United will be hosting their first event in the Atlanta area, “Too Fabulous For Cancer” Charity Mixer. All proceeds raised from this fabulous event will go to two breast cancer survivor contestant winners.  The ladies that were chosen had to write a letter stating why they deserve to be picked for the “Too Fabulous for Cancer” makeover. The makeover that includes, hair, makeup and nails, a complete photo-shoot, along with a stipend for treatment, and whatever else the breast cancer survivors may need it for.

While interviewing Matthews, I was able to ask an important question that I think we all need to know the answer to, so that we are aware of the disease that is taking Black women and our community. Research shows that, although Caucasian women are likely to get breast cancer, African American women are likely to die from it.  I asked Niya, “ What advice can you give young women about health and early detection?” Her answer, “Check yourself, cause cancer has no age. Become familiar with your body.  Its best to be proactive than reactive. Go get checked!

Through life changes, Matthews has managed to never give up, and remain Fabulous, while becoming nothing short of a Boss Lady!

For information on BossLady United visit the website:



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Socialite By Trade: I love my 30s !!!

About Socialite

In a month, I will be 32 years old and I love being a woman in my thirties. Initially, I was apprehensive of checking the new check box of life, 30-35 years old. Now I feel empowered to be a woman in her thirty-somethings, It is fulfilling and emancipating. By no means am I saying it is easy or does not have its challenges. I have rent, a car note, child care, health care co-pays and life insurance premiums. I work 36.25 hours during the work week and an extra 8 hours on the weekend. From all the tiring hard work I do, I feel a sense of accomplishment that can not be diminished by any means. By achieving these small accomplishments, I am building a better life for my family and me.

The media portrays  motherhood to be an equivalent to glamour and fashion. Celebrities pose for the paparazzi toting their little ones on their hip as if they were accessories. Young ladies are rushing into life-changing situations without realizing the big picture. An article by Michelle Castillo of CBS News states the average age of marriage is increasing to 26.5 years old for women and 28.7 years old for men. That’s up from ages 23 and 26 in 1990, respectively. But, the median age of first birth for a woman is now 25.7 — meaning that about 48 percent of first births are happening outside of wedlock. It is not always about age but where the person is at in life stage, mental maturity and vision. When I was in my 20s, I had one if not all these task on my to-do list. I have reflected on and realized that I did not have the coping skills to handle the big responsibilities that were ahead of me. I was distant, seeking stability, and focus. I spent a decade of my life asking “What if?” or “What’s next?”  We must cultivate our skills in order to respond versus react. Younger women may lack the ability to articulate themselves clearly and concisely when attempting to resolve altercations.  Society often portrays us, specifically women of color, as the aggressors. We are protective by instinct and defensive by nature. As sisters, we must be mindful of how we state our opinions and are we expressing ourselves effectively. If you can, just let it go! It is not worth your happiness to hold on to a grudge. We are not here to compete but to uplift one another. A woman helps other women.

In my 30s, I have become more spiritual rather than religious. I am consistently seeking optimal mental and spiritual health. I am more confident is my skills, my style, and my sexuality. I know what I want, where I want it and how I want it. I have learned once in my thirties, and I am in control of my life. I love who I am. I am ethical and trustworthy. I am ambitious and communicable.  In other words,  ‘Black Don’t Crack’, so you can have your 20s. I’ll enjoy my 30s and look forward to being in my 40s.

Words of Wisdom: “A girl wants attention;  a woman wants respect. A girl wants to be adored by many. A woman wants to be adored my one.” -Anonymous


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Lets Connect: Something Old Something New Vintage Company

sosn logo 2

sosn logo

Something Old Something New was born from two females’ love for fashion, style and class. Their hope and intent is to honor past fashion icons and trends from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s by, rejuvenating the senses with touches of their ingenious flair all the while captivating beauty. Their individual sense of style coupled with their resources being the conduit, these two lovely sisters are a tenacious pairing, whose appetite for effortless style is shown in all their endeavors. At SOSN Vintage, there is a structure built on the incorporation of Vintage trends coupled with Contemporary style, resulting in the creation of a place where women can find their style, with a little help of course. Something Old, Something New caters to women of all shapes, and sizes including the fashionista on a budget! All items are handpicked, one-of-a-kind treasures that will not be found at your local department stores.

As young adults, businesswomen these two sisters have embraced their duty to PAY IT FORWARD to their peers and clientele alike through promoting positivity and unique style, with a vintage flair.

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Grinders Spotlight: Fire Flame Music Group’s Cristian Gabor


Considerably the hottest new act out of Harlem, NYC, Cristian Gabor is an aspiring new artist that can hold her own for any provocation. Lyrically diverse and witty as well, she has been dropping verse after verse over the past 7 months backed by her Fire Flame Music Group recording family to the tune of much praise as a potential leader of a new class of Female MCs chomping at the bit of NYC’s Hip Hop landscape. Most recently nominated for Best Female Rapper of The Year, Cristian Gabor by the All Star Music Awards is sure to be popping up on a lot of radars as 2014 closes, and beyond. Check out her Homicide Freestyle visual directed by Young 2-3




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