aggravated black woman

Losing Your Own Battles

aggravated black woman

I hate to lose.

When things are going smooth, be weary.  There is always the great calm before the storm. I try my best not to put my business and issues out to the world with this blog, and I must say that I am doing a great job, but if only you guys and gals knew what goes on, you would wonder how I even manage to keep my composure.  But I do.

The biggest reason I do is because I know someone somewhere is sometimes encouraged by what I put out there so I vow to keep going. I will continue to put out positive vibes that I know will over power any negative thought or thing that may come my way. You can do that too.

It is very important that you remain focused and positive. When the enemy runs out of things to throw at you, he will began to bring up your past, the very things you tried so hard to overcome and move forward from. But that should tell you something… the only enemy is your mind. We fail oftentimes to condition our minds when it is the most powerful thing anyone could possess. There is something called inner peace that you must achieve before you can achieve success.

Take a moment at any point in your day to remind yourself that you are very much worth every effort that you put into your business, family, life, and self.

Not everyone is going to be for you. You must have a strong sense of self so that you can be the one there when needed. You can trust yourself not to fail you, but it all begins with the mind.

Wake up a few minutes early to read or meditate.

Stay strong. Stay motivated. Stay encouraged.


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How to mentally spring clean


Wash away that self doubt and negativity that’s been lingering over those cold, gray months.
It’s warm again. Let the sunshine dry you. 
Write out your current dreams and goals. Jot down and dust off any unique ideas you have stored away. Throw out anything no longer serving a purpose. Rearrange your vision if need be.

Reconnect with a friend! The biggest holidays are over. You can unwind. Come out of hibernation and let everyone know you are alive and well. It’s spring time! 


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From the Desk of a Diva: 4 Tips for a Productive Day


If you are a diva who keeps a great deal on her plate, then we suggest you try these four tips to increase your productivity throughout the day.

1. Begin your morning with some form of exercise.

Studies show that the majority of successful people, start their morning off with exercise. If you do not have much time, may I suggest the Goddesss Warm-Up on the Workout App. Though it is only four minutes long, it will at least get your blood pumping and heart racing.  New studies now say that only seven minutes of exercise is needed while we originally thought it was a minimum of ten minutes. You can jog in place for the other three minutes.

2. Complete some sort of self improvement activity each morning.

Any of the following will help, meditation, repeating affirmations, visualizations, journaling, and/ or spiritual readings. Remember spiritual relationships are just as important as physical relationships.

3. Write out the 3 most important tasks you must complete by the end of the day.

When you keep your priorities in sight, it is easier to stay on track. Of course, you can have more than three things on your list, but no need to overwhelm yourself. After all, be realistic, there is only so much a diva can accomplish in one day and still take care of home.

4. Take a minute to yourself to charge up after lunch.

It may reduce your actual eating time, but it will increase your productivity when you do return to work. Get off Instagram or stop playing Candy Crush, and put your phone away. Spend some quiet time with yourself doing nothing.

While it is a well known fact that success does not come overnight, each day we must work at it. Therefore the more we can squeeze into out day, the little bit further ahead we shall be.



Francheska "Fancy" Felder FancySwagHer FancytheGogetta

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regina hall verizon

Regina Hall teams up with Verizon Wireless

“About Last Night” actress, Regina Hall has teamed us with Verizon Wireless to take a stance against texting and driving. The “It’s Up to Me” campaign launched this month in an effort to bring awareness to the issue. Studies show that 57% of people admit to texting while driving. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month.

Verizon Wireless, which operates the nation’s largest network of 4G LTE and 3G phones, is also hosting a contest. The public can participate in the “It’s Up to Me” campaign by taking a mobile quiz to test their knowledge on distracted driving behaviors. They will then be entered into a sweepstakes for a chance to win a meet and greet with Regina Hall. Contest closes April 30, 2014, and the winners will be announced in May.


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From the Desk of a Diva: 9 Tips for leadership


Don’t blow up over screw ups.

They are bound to happen, and we assure your team members feel bad enough about them, but make sure that they lessons from their mistakes.


It’s ok to show you are human.

It’s ok to show some emotion (of course, don’t overdo it) and be compassionate. Making work relationships more interpersonal adds more value to one’s job.


Encourage your team to voice their opinions.

Feedback is always important. What you think is the best option, may not always be. When your team members feel comfortable enough to express their opinions, it makes for a better environment and an increase in creativity.


Don’t micromanage.

Bottom line, no one wants a babysitter nor do they want someone constantly looking over their shoulder. If you give someone an assignment, allow them to complete with adequate timing and follow up. If you did not think they were competent, why did you hire them?


Weed out the slackers.

Bad seeds seem to show up everywhere they need not be. It is inevitable, but you do not have to keep them around, and you should not. It is bad for group morale, because people are always watching. If one person is slacking, others think slacking is fine.


Growth should be constant.

As a leader, growth in every aspect should be a major goal. The more you know, the more you grow. Constantly educate yourself in your field.


Be in touch with the REAL you.

Not the fake you, but the real you. When you know your own strengths and weaknesses, you can work at them. It also makes it easier to understand those of others.


Don’t be a Distracted Chloe (Dog w/ a Blog)

No one can follow a leader that is all over the place. Set goals and work at them. Focus.


It’s a 24 hour job.

You cannot be in leadership some of the time, and some of the time they are not. You are always setting an example. Again, remember someone is always watching.


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Recap of Shar Bates Show live

The first live recorded and streaming Shar Bates Show Live was a great success.  The recent panel discussion hosted by radio show host Shar Bates included Bernetta Style, DJ Fadelf, DruSkey, and Koereyelle DuBose. Each panelist provided their insight on relationships and gender roles in dating/marriage at the intimate barONE Tapas Lounge.  Audience members asked questions and spoke passionately about “Who Wears The Pants In The Relationship?”
Special guests included  Cocoa Fab, The SOA Brand, Tashbina Wahid, and Mompreneur.
Photographer: Jason Neil of Jay|OGraphy


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teleka patrick

Autopsy for body assumed to be Teleka Patrick to be held today

teleka patrick

The possible autopsy for missing medical resident, Dr. Teleka Patrick, is to be held today. Authorities look for medical records to determine whether it is in fact Patrick or not.

Patrick’s body is believed to have been found Sunday by a local fisherman in Lake Charles in Porter, Indiana.

The body was found only miles away from where Patrick’s car was found on I-94 on December 5, 2013.

Investigator Jim Carlin says the clothes on the deceased match the description of Patrick’s clothes that she was last seen in.

Much speculation has surrounded Patrick’s disappearance due to the many oddities involved. Patrick’s family described her as having a bright future, while her ex husband questioned her mental stability. The last video footage of Patrick was taken of her in the Radisson Hotel, though no one appears to know why she was there.

Early in the investigation the media learned of Patrick having a restraining order placed on her by Pastor Marvin Sapp in 2012, but authorities later said Sapp and the restraining order had nothing to do with Patrick’s disappearance.

Patrick’s family released the following statement, “Our family was informed that a body was found that may be our daughter Teleka Patrick. We are waiting for official confirmation from the Kalamazoo Sheriff’s Department and have no comment at this time. Thank you for your continued prayers.”

Statement courtesy of

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Woman Dies In Sleep Two Days To Her Wedding

Stand Still & Know

Woman Dies In Sleep Two Days To Her Wedding

There are so many things coming at me at one time that I have to laugh.

Last night I dreamed that I was giving my testimony of life to a mass of people. Suddenly I found myself crying and caught up as some would say. I could feel my compassion even as I slept. I awoke to reality.
You woud be amazed at some of the things I go through in life on a daily basis.

When moving forward in life after finding faith in yourself and realizing your purpose in life you will come upon obstacles and trials you would never have imagined. but one thing you must know is it will be okay.

Every struggle and every pain you have gone through in life up until this very moment has prepared you with the strength to endure and the faith to overcome. Of course I am simply telling you something you were already aware of. That’s why you smiled inside when you read it.

See we are all one in the same striving to do better, to be better, so that we can reach back and help someone else.

No one’s prosperity ever stood on the heel of their own works but upon the helping hand or kindful words of another. We will make it.

Struggle doesn’t last always. In fact, struggle will last as long as you allow.  It is the battle of the mind that keeps you down not the world or the ex or the family, job, or friends.

I say often, struggle is a mindset not a destination. You were made to be great, so be great. Only you can change your surroundings. If you are not happy where you are, move. It’s just that simple. Do not ever think you cannot. Why can’t you? Who said you couldn’t? Then prove them wrong. Push until you get there. Believe until you get there. Trust until you get there but just get there. I know you will get there.

Don’t use your circumstances as a clutch. Use your circumstances as fuel to stand and say, “I made it.”
Be proud of yourself. Always be proud of yourself. Do not be discouraged or dismayed. Not by family. Not by friends. Not by self. I do know that sometimes it’s easier said than done. Not everyone is going to support your vision and not everyone is going to see your vision, but your vision is not for them to see nor to understand. Your vision is your blessing and yours alone.

Never lose faith. Never lose hope.


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Dear reader

Dear reader,

Greetings, I hope that you are doing well. Today I would like to share with you a personal testimony. High school graduation was one of the happiest moments of my life. I was filled with excitement and hope as I hear my name, I mentally prepared for college and the glories of adulthood. Unfortunately, my joy was replaced with the realization that college is expensive, and getting loans suck. With this new outlook of the college experience, I made a vow at the beginning of the year to not go into debt because of student loans, so when I made my New Year’s resolution I vowed that I would not take out anymore student loans for the rest of my college career. I have been working diligently to keep the promise I made to myself by implementing new budget plans, starting a GoFundMe to raise money to pay the remaining balance on my tuition that work study will not cover. The link to my page is If I were to reach my $3,000 GoFundMe goal, I can pay the remaining balance on my tuition for this semester. Now, you are probably wondering where you come in. If you can give to my cause, I would love it. Any amount will help. Also, please spread the world. I need the exposure.


Alliciyia George

Swagher Intern

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There Is a Purpose

black woman reading in park

Don’t miss it

Today I sent out a group text, as I always do, to my team of entrepreneurs. I have taken them in my heart, and the words I speak to them- I am speaking INTO them; they don’t always take it in. I have been through so much in life myself that I feel like I can relate to people on almost any level. It was crazy and painful as I went through, but I am thankful that I did. One thing, if nothing else I learned about myself is that I am stronger than I give myself credit for, mostly because I cry at the drop of a dime. I often times would shy away from trying something new in life for the fear of pain or rejection, but I find myself thick skinned as some would call it. I attribute that to my trials and tribulations, but what is it all for in the end? Why go through so much devastation in life?

There was a man in my life. A complicated man who would drink his sorrows away. He had a bad mouth and an even worse temper. He took me in and embraced me as his own for 12 years. He watched over me and protected me from harm. He made sure I had all of my necessities and many of my wants. He loved me the best he knew how. I called him dad. He passed away.

I have a daughter who was probably the most beautiful child I’d ever seen to date. Long curly locks, fat kissable cheeks and a scowl that just made you smile. She passed away at two months and 27 days young.

Shortly after, I became pregnant again. I had a horrible miscarriage the day after my birthday.

I was in a very abusive relationship to where my face was no longer recognizable. I was in a relationship where I was constantly being broken hearted by lies and infidelities.

I used to live on the streets so I stripped for money.

I smoked cigars and cigarettes. I drank like a fish and cursed like a sailor. I had my experiments with drugs. I was molested, and raped, and kidnapped, and held hostage. I have spent time behind bars. I was a liar.

I found God. I lost him. And I found him again going back and forth with the whys and how could yous.

In the end, I found myself. I found through all of that and so much more that we are all here for a purpose. In my walk of life, I have found that I can meet just about anyone who is going through struggle and I can relate. There is no better feeling than to know that you are not going through alone. It sets your mind at ease to know that you can talk to someone that can relate to you on the same level. It sets your heart at ease and allows you to remember that there is a way out, a better way, or a smile at the end of the journey. I am glad to know that I now know I can hug with my heart and love with my soul, because I know what real pain is. I know what true struggle is, and I can tell you that it will pass.

When you find yourself complaining about your path or feeling like you are all alone you can smile in knowing that someone someday will cross your path, and you will be able to encourage them. If you see someone smiling and sense they are hurting, don’t miss that moment to put joy into their heart.

Life is all about passing it on, paying it forward, and uplifting one another. I assure you, you will feel a greater sense of purpose in life. You will take a deep breath and realize it is all worth it in the end. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to help someone today.

Smile. Then pass it on


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Let us embrace this journey known as womanhood together, lifting and embracing each other as a whole.